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HempStaff is the industry leader in medical marijuana recruiting and dispensary training. We specialize in Dispensary Technician and Budtender Training for inexperienced candidates, while helping experienced professions get placed in a job they’ll love!

HempStaff currently has over 33,000 candidates in our database, some with previous experience and some without, all looking for jobs in the marijuana industry.

As Cannabis Industry Recruiters, we have the resources and recruiters on staff that are needed to efficiently narrow down the search through the hundreds of recreational or medical marijuana job applications that you will receive, thus speeding up the process so that you can get that new team member on board that much quicker.


HempStaff offers the country’s first and most well known State Customized, Classroom Style Dispensary Training.  We have trained and certified over 3,800 Dispensary Agents in 18 states since 2014! Dispensary Owners prefer hiring trained employees, this is why we created our Budtender Training Classes! Current classes scheduled for Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Arkansas, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts.


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Cannabis Dispensary Training

HempStaff's 2019 Dispensary Agent Training and Certification Schedule is out.

Jan 19th - Chicago, IL
Jan 26th - Oklahoma City, OK
Feb 9th - Baltimore, MD
Feb 16th - Grand Rapids, MI
Feb 23rd - Cleveland, OH
Mar 9th - Newark, NJ (covering NJ and NY) 
Mar 16th - Little Rock, AR
Mar 24th - Boston, MA
Apr 27th - Jacksonville, FL
May 4th - Philadelphia, PA

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