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Headset® is the first real-time business intelligence and analytics service for the cannabis industry. We are a data-driven cannabis tech company with deep roots in cannabis, and we’re passionate about helping the industry succeed. Our core team founded Leafly, the site that helped revolutionize the cannabis industry by empowering consumers with information.

With Headset®, we want to do the same thing for cannabusinesses. Our services cover an array of specialized needs that businesses in the industry have, be they growers, extractors, processors, or retailers. We also release monthly, quarterly, and annual market reports, sharing the insights from our aggregate data with the growing cannabis industry. 

We’ve leveraged our expertise from Leafly to develop products that offer our clients access to up-to-the-minute data on sales trends, emerging sectors, hot products, pricing, and more, allowing them to make fully informed business decisions. Our proprietary data set—which consists of over $1B in tracked transactions—helps clients identify new areas of opportunity, keep tabs on the competition, and tailor product development to reflect actual, real-time consumer transaction data. Headset’s® software delivers a seamless user experience across platforms, offering our customers a simple and accessible way to access important information from anywhere.


Don Reynolds

Director of Sales


We currently offer three key products: Retailer, Bridge, and Insights. Headset® Retailer provides up-to-the minute inventory control and sales data to retailers, while Headset® Insights offers market and pricing data to wholesalers to help them target their products effectively. Headset® Bridge helps connect the two groups, ensuring that the inventory pipeline is as streamlined as possible. The common theme of all our products is that they not only package clients’ own sales data in useful ways, but also put that data in the context of a larger aggregated dataset for the industry as a whole.


Headset Insights

Market intelligence for cannabis — sales trends, emerging sectors, hot products, and more. Real-time market intelligence for the cannabis industry. Monitor the competitive landscape, identify opportunities, and stay ahead of industry trends as never before. Our market data is real-time, so you can find out what’s going on today, not months ago. Utilizing market data to drive decisions can solidify your leading brand position in this fast moving, rapidly changing market.

- Real-time market intelligence
- Growth tracking
- Opportunity identification
- Competitive landscape monitoring
- Analysis driven by real-time POS integrations



Headset Retailer

Business intelligence so you can stay ahead of trends and discover opportunities like never before. With Headset Retail you can get unprecedented visibility through easy to understand reports on your Sales, Inventory, Vendors, Products and Budtenders data in real-time.


- Business intelligence
- Streamlining retail operations
- Purpose-built tooling
- Inventory optimization
- Aggregate data powers Headset Insights



Headset Bridge

The connection to a collaborative relationship between supplier and retailer. Limit out-of-stock events, ensure optimal inventory levels and enhance forecasting abilities. Designed for product manufacturers, processors and distributors. Vendor Managed Inventory to create and send sales orders based on par-inventory levels, saving your retail account time and effort.


- Vendor managed inventory
- Inventory management
- Sales trend monitoring
- Sales order generation
- Forecast product trends from retailer data


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