GreenHouse Payment Solutions LLC

600 17th St, Suite 2800 South
Denver, CO 80202
We have been helping small businesses set up payment processing for their customers and clients since 2004. Here is what makes us stand out from other companies: We give an unprecedented level of service and support We guarantee low processing fees Processing experience in the Cannabis Industry since 2009 Over 16 years experience in the Hospitality Industry - inspires the drive to provide a strong operation and customer service mind set Honest, hard working, and determined to provide you with compliant processing solutions By treating our customers fair and by providing honest services, we have experienced steady growth. We understand the problems of small businesses and have made a determined effort to provide the best payment processing solutions for our clients.



1) Merchant Card Processing: These systems are legitimate, compliant, and domestic. Any of these solutions give your company the opportunity to allow your clients and customers the ability to pay for products with their bankcards. This makes for a safer environment for both employees and customers alike. Also, your bottom line will increase because customer tend to increase their impulse buying when able to use a bankcard. Call our office to speak with one of our representatives. He/She will discuss your payment processing requirements with you and help tailor a solution that works best for your business. 2) ATM Program: If you have been vaulting your own ATM and it has been turned off, we can provide processing that will get you up and running again. If you do not have an ATM, and would like to have one installed in your Dispensary, we do provide free placement services. Call or email for additional information. By providing you with an ATM, we can help you increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. We work with each dispensary to determine the ideal placement of the ATM machine and we provide ATM signage to maximize customer traffic and ATM transactions.
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