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ExtractionTek is setting the standard for hydrocarbon extraction systems in the industry. We are providing reliable extraction equipment to our customers, while maintaining a safe working environment for their employees. This will allow our customers to safely and efficiently maintain their high volume work demands.

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Established in 2011, ExtractionTek Solutions sprouted from the Denver landscape in response to the demand for quality-manufactured, safe and efficient, cannabis extraction machines designed to run propane and butane. Open blasting with hydrocarbons was gaining in popularity and ExtractionTek determined there needed to be an extraction machine built for these highly efficient hydrocarbons, as solvents. Upon inception, ETS began work on the design that created an industry. Our first unit, The lhbes-1200 was released and the rest is closed-loop, cannabis extraction history.

As the industry was establishing its roots, ExtractionTek worked closely with clients and regulatory agencies, forging the paths needed for safe cannabis extraction using light hydrocarbons, propane, and butane, as solvents. While cannabis extraction continues to evolve, ETS remains focused developing to the needs of our clients. With a presence in every legal market, we’re proud to offer four hydrocarbon extraction machines ranging from 2 lbs to 35 lbs, of material capacity. Our hydrocarbon extractors deliver industry-leading processing speeds and offer a wider range of runs sizes, than the rest. The-1300, The Modular Extraction Platform (The MeP 30), The miniMeP, and The MeP-XT70.

At ExtractionTek, service is priority. Beyond straight forward designs that match our approach to business, we continue developing practical-working solutions for the evolving needs of the cannabis concentrates industry. With ETS hydrocarbon extraction machines operating in each regulated cannabis market, there’s no competitor with a longer or stronger track record, than ExtractionTek Solutions.

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