James Marion


Law Offices of James P. Marion, Esq.

San Francisco, CA

Our boutique law firm caters to a wide range of individuals, startups and established businesses with focused experience in cannabis

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James Marion is a California attorney specializing in intellectual property and business law.  He is the principal attorney at Law Offices of James P. Marion, Esq., which he founded in San Francisco in 2013 with a goal to bring his specialized services to the cannabis and entertainment spaces, as well as several other industries.

James brings over a decade of entertainment business experience to this boutique practice, with valuable insight gained by working extensively with individual entrepreneurs and creative talent, as well as established industry players.  Since the firm's inception, James has also worked on the forefront of developments in cannabis law in California and nationwide.

His aim is to furnish the personalized attention, strategy and service required to meet unique legal needs, while fostering a collaborative environment that avoids distraction from clients' daily artistic processes, business practices and personal lives.

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