Are people of color claiming their place in the cannabis industry?

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Posted on 8/6/2019 4:59:10 PM

Fairly extensive article. Some highlights: 

- Black people are nearly four times as likely as white people to be charged with marijuana possession, despite similar usage rates, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

- A 2016 BuzzFeed analysis estimated that just 1% of 3,200 to 3,600 U.S. storefront marijuana dispensaries had black owners. 

- The most pressing issue facing minority entrepreneurs, Hawkins said, is obtaining the capital necessary to run a cannabis business (WW Note: Hard enough for any early stage company or start-up - imagine extra challenge of modern day "redlining"). 

What can the industry be doing to help advance equity in our industry? Feel free to comment on the site below.  

Hieu Tran wrote:

Th folks at MJBizDaily seem to be dedicated to unearthing truth as they recently published their second report on "Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry"