Chad Tribble


Mountain High Suckers

Started my infused edible company out of my home kitchen in 2009. My company has steadily grown since inside and outside of Colorado.

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I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a double bachelor’s degree in Education. Shortly after graduation I moved to Colorado and in short order started an Interior & Exterior painting company with John Garrison, who had also recently moved to Colorado. The company was quite successful, so much so that they decided to split the company and start their own respective painting companies that they operated until 2011 when Mountain High Suckers became enough of a success to step away from their painting businesses. Since then, Chad has continued to optimize processes in extraction, production and packaging/labeling as well as structuring license agreements. He has been a speaker at two NCIA events, one of which he also moderated and will be speaking and moderating this year's as well. 



Mountain High Suckers
January 2009 - present

Founder/CEO of Mountain High Suckers.


Eastern Michigan University

Bachelor's Degree
1992 - 1996

Double Bachelor's Degree in Education

How do you prevent cannabis infused candy from getting into the hands of children?

Given that suckers are a candy-magnet for children, how do you prevent cannabis infused candy from getting into the hands of children? 

6/27/2016 1:31:49 PM,
Chad Tribble replied:

First of all, thankyou Brian for the question. It starts with having an opaque package that the infused product is placed in.And then the package has to be child resistant. These are part of our regulations and compliance rules. It is the next step that is very important. Parents and family members that are medical patients or 21 and older, need to keep it out of site and reach of children. The producers of edibles have taken the right preventative approach to block a child from opening the package. Now it is in the responsibility hands of the adults that have purchased the product. Out of site, out of mind. We ask all adults to keep it out of site just as they would any other item they would not want their children getting.