Thrive Ad Agency

2411 Chastain Drive
Atlanta, GA 30342

We are Social Selling Tacticians with a proven method to help your cannabis business achieve greater growth. We leverage our systematic approach that will cultivate the right business relationships into business opportunities and revenue. As Certified Consultants, our provable, track-able method achieves tremendous growth in a short amount of time. We can also get you up and running on the Who's Who in Cannabis to elevate your brand and thought leadership in the cannabis industry.

No need for paid web traffic or a crazy ad spend. With our Method, you can now have visibility into a true ROI on your marketing spend. We are tenured marketing tacticians with a laser focus on generating revenue. We are not recent college grads or off shore virtual assistants with little (or no) experience. Our sleeves have been rolled up our entire careers; the core team has run businesses, sold and marketed all over the world, seen failures and successes (more successes thankfully) and we simply 'get it'. Our team understands the issues and frustration entrepreneurs and business owners face when it comes to generating sustainable and repeatable business. Simply, we recognized the biggest flaw in sale... that the world forgot the importance of building relationships first. So we have solved that problem for you.


Social selling is just as much an art as it is a science. I love the saying "A Fool With a Tool is Still A Fool". The Thrive Agency is a team of social selling tacticians, having literally cracked the code on various platforms, such as LinkedIn and Who's Who in Cannabis. Today's modern buyers are sophisticated and self-educating. So you can't just 'show up and throw up' and kill with PowerPoint. Simply you not only need to be where your digital buyer is, but you need to understand what your buyer wants and how they want it. No one likes to be sold to anymore. New skills are needed in today's modern digital era. Trust us. No one is doing this like we are. We have a guarantee with our our method. Yeah it's that good.

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