Seth Dewberry

Consultant, Program Manager

MJ Freeway

With 6 years experience, Seth understands the cannabis industry, your operation, & patient/customer needs. Called the "Human Canna Computer"

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With 6 years experience at MJ Freeway, Seth understands the cannabis industry, your operation, and patient/customer needs. He has been responsible for thousands of client system implementations and has performed hundreds of onsite setups and workflow analyses. Work with Seth to build processes at your operation and get the most out of your investment.

  • 10,000+ hours spent advising clients on-site and virtually
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western Michigan University
  • Has been called the human cannabis computer
  • Designs and implements cannabis industry training programs

Seth will review your existing or proposed operational procedures and identify inefficiencies and redundancies with a focus on saving time and costs. He'll also review procedures for diversion prevention, product safety and labeling.

About MJ Freeway:

MJ Freeway® is the industry-leading software and consulting solution for cannabis businesses, processing $5B in cannabis sales transactions and serving clients in 23 states the District of Columbia, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Founded in 2010 by a team of career software and IT professionals, the product suite is designed and built from the ground-up specifically for cannabis businesses. MJ Freeway's tracking software includes patent-pending inventory control and grow management applications to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. MJ Freeway's Leaf Data Systems software solution enables governments to track cannabis plants from seed-to-sale and ensure patient, public, and product safety. MJ Freeway also offers a complete suite of consulting services for cannabis businesses.  For more information, call 888-932-6537 or visit

11/1/2017 4:59:12 PM,
Seth Dewberry replied:

Recently we have seen a lot of different systems in a lot of different states and countries. This is the case with both Government systems as well as Operator level systems. The advantage with a system like MJ Freeway’s new Platform is that it provides several levels of services. Full integration to any state tracking system is simply included with the base price of the system. After that, any number of modules, MJ Freeway built and third-party modules, can be added on, such as marketing, custom labeling, custom dashboard reporting, and countless other Business Management features. This gives each operator the opportunity to start out with any number of features and add or remove the features as needs arise or dwindle. This is truly the most versatile system format, allowing for a very basic instance that saves on labor and mistakes with efficient workflows, such as barcode or QR code generation, as well as state system integration. ON the other, business growth tools are immediately available, or available down to road.

11/1/2017 4:57:51 PM,
Seth Dewberry replied:

Apologies for the delay on this response Michael. Although I have worked in several departments with MJ Freeway, including the consulting end, I will insert here the views of our true cultivation subject matter expert, John. John is a past cultivation operator in Colorado, writes a blog.. Greenhouse is really the preferred method for several reasons. You can control your environmental factors like heat and humidity, protect from harsh elements like hail, and reduce certain costs such as security. Initial costs of the greenhouse will often be more, but with any longevity in the operation, these costs are recooperated on several fronts, including security, quality, environmental controls, etc. Aside from the prime natural outdoor environments, like northern California, greenhouses will often give better quality than true outdoor, assuming similar cultivation experience.

1/17/2017 10:42:21 AM,
Seth Dewberry replied:
No. We are not going out of business or filing for bankruptcy. MJ Freeway is financially sound. We are committed to serving the cannabis industry and our clients.

How do seed to sale software services help a cannabis dispensary with inventory control?

How do seed to sale software services help a cannabis dispensary with inventory control? Can they identify problems such as theft? Is there any "normal" loss in the system that can happen?   

11/1/2016 11:45:05 AM,
Seth Dewberry replied:

This is a great question! I’d like to provide a few clear distinctions regarding concepts and industry terminology related to seed-to-sale Service providers. In the end, the knowledge and real-world experience of the company providing the service greatly determines its ability to help with the seed-to-sale process and inventory control for any operation. When developing software functionality, I believe these crucial components have to be considered:

Business Management
Business Optimization/Intelligence

A true full service seed-to-sale solution addresses the compliance aspects first, but does not stop there. Without proper business management tools, such as costing, data insights, employee tracking, financial system integration, and more, a solution can very quickly cost the client money. Without business optimization features, such as an online presence, social media integrations, system alerts, customer and vendor management features, the client will have a more challenging time growing their business.

Regarding a dispensary’s inventory specifically, a seed-to-sale solution should include everything from labeling products, to developing processes and checks and balances to prevent diversion, to training staff and creating or assisting with Standard Operating Procedures. Providing software and hardware solutions that require minimal interaction at FULL functionality is key.

Going beyond the software, the Service company needs to have a large team made up of professionals with tens of thousands of hours of experience in all facets of the industry. This enables the Service company to develop efficient workflows, perform hands-on training, and even fully consult with a client just starting out in the industry from initial build-out to grand opening, and beyond. No person, or small group of people, have all the knowledge contained within this young industry. Because of this, a Service company that grows and constantly chases the best talent with experience in all aspects of the industry, including software development, operations, consulting, application writing, marketing, and accounting, to name a few, is needed. This results in the unique ability to help find and fix the gaps, for any size operation.

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9/23/2016 5:05:29 PM,
Seth Dewberry replied:

Hi Hieu,

Great question! 

A well designed software that is built for the industry and aggregates relevant data will help increase production, reduce costs without sacrificing desired product attributes, and maximize both retail sales and wholesale sales. Robust marketing tools, such as rewards, text and email marketing, mobiles apps, and an online presence (as allowed by regulation) can maximize customer loyalty and minimize attrition (all services offered by MJ Freeway). Efficiency tools, such as online pre-orders, in store ordering and kiosks, fulfillment center workflows, and smart point of sale features will allow you to maximize the number of patients/customers that you can serve. Specific examples include gaining insight into costs, such as grow equipment and nutrients, so you can compare that to your yield and identify where there may be more opportunity. Inventory tracking helps mitigate inventory mistakes which saves your employees time in calculating inventory discrepancies. It also tracks at a more accurate level so vendor re-ordering is not done too soon or too late, keeping your shelves appropriately stocked. 

Additionally, a company that guarantees to keep up to date with changing regulation and is knowledgeable and skilled enough to service the industry well beyond the operator and state software systems is very beneficial. If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to talk with you so we can set you up for success in all aspects of your business, from regulatory compliance to business management and optimization.