ISO - Is it worth it?

Tracy Hawkey
Posted at 3/6/2018 11:32:32 AM

ISO-certified companies all say the cost and effort to become certified is well worth it! 

As the cannabis industry becomes more competitive, a growing number of cannabis companies are looking for ways to differentiate their operations, whether that means offering value-added services or implementing the latest lean techniques. 

One best practice that many of today's leading shop's tout is ISO 9001 certification. The ISO standard is based on implementing seven quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, Evidence-based decision making, and continuous impr...more

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Press Release: L’Eagle Presented with NCIA’s Excellence in Innovation Award for Cultivation

JB Woods
Posted at 3/1/2018 5:18:21 PM

L’Eagle Services Presented with NCIA’s Excellence in Innovation Award for Cultivation

In an industry where the standard is often quantity over quality,

L’Eagle Services sets itself apart with sustainable cultivation practices

DENVER (Feb. 8, 2018) – The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has recognized, L’Eagle Services — a Denver based cannabis cultivator and retail dispensary specializing in clean cannabis — with the NCIA Excellence in Innovation Award for their leading edge in sustainable cultivation practices.

The NCIA Industry Awards recognize the best and brightest in th...more

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New Website Announcement!

Nathaniel Gurien
Posted at 11/9/2017 2:21:10 PM

ORION GROUP NYC is pleased to annouce that our website has been fully revised and updated to reflect our focus on compliant cannabis banking and payment solutions.








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Essential Stewards of Commerce

Nathaniel Gurien
Posted at 10/25/2017 4:47:05 PM

Due to the perception of (as opposed to actual and practical) risk of banking the cannabis industry largely based upon misinformation or a deliberate lack of information as well as ingrained prejudice against marijuana, US financial institutions are nearly universally unwilling to open accounts or provide basic banking service to marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) or ancillaries who provide services to them.

As a result, except for a lucky few most are either obliged to operate entirely in cash, or seek a ‘covert’ (some would say fraudulent) checking account, merchant processing, ‘cashless...more

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The Cannabis ECN 2017 Roster of Featured Experts

ECN Support
Posted at 5/3/2017 10:23:07 PM

Download the 2017 Roster of Featured Experts

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is the only national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry. Our industry supports tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues, and billions of dollars in economic activity in the United States annually. NCIA's nearly 1200 members include some of the most notable and successful cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners from around the country. It’s their experience and expertise that make the Cannabis EC


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King of the Industry: Why Some New Companies Feast on Emerging Trends While Others Starve

Khadijah Adams
Posted at 7/3/2016 9:59:23 PM

How do you become the fastest, most successful company in the history of business? What kind of secret formula do you need to thrive in an emerging industry? How does your business feast in an environment where businesses starved; pioneering through uncertainty, resisting rescue and outlasting vicious competition? Few businessmen and women embrace the audacity of risk amongst controversy, succeeding with grit in one of the most controversial times in American history.

It hasn’t been one decade and America has begun to forget about the entire country teetering on the edge of economic crisis....more

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